Admission                  shs 10,000

Identity card               shs 12,000       Payable once on admission

Development Fee       shs 30,000

Class/Level Day BOARDING 
A’ Level (Arts & Science ) 335,000/= 610,000/=


            Every student must report with the following requirements:

  1. Paid in bank slip/receipt from the school bursar.
  2. A complete Admission Form
  3. 2 dozens exercise books, a mathematical set, pencils and rubber or counter books (A’ Level)
  4. All girls are advised to bring at least two long khaki skirts, which are not tight and do not have long slits for out of class wear and two pet-cots.
  5. Boys should report with at least two khaki trousers (not jeans). Out of class wear

The rest of the clothes should be left at home.

B         Hostel Requirements:

            In addition to the above, hostel students have to come with the items listed below.

  1. A suitcase and padlock
  2. One sponge mattress, a mat, a pair of bed sheets and a blanket.
  3. A plastic basin, big jerry can (20 litres), small jerry can (2-5 litres) and a sponge.
  4. Toothpaste (family size) and toothbrush, a torch and dry-cells.
  5. 3 bar of washing soap, 3 tablets of bathing soap and Vaseline.
  6. 5 rolls of toilet paper and 2 brooms and a knife for girls.
  7. A towel and night dress and 2 pet-cots for girls.
  8. Muslim Girls:  A pair of veils, Hijabu, and one book of yasarina.

Muslim Boys:  A small jerry can for wudhu + one book for yasarina.

  • Money for hair trimming 3,000/=
  • Scrubbing brush for boys or a squeezer for girls.
  • School Bag
  • Filled medical form.


  1. Shirt/blouse
  2. Trouser/skirt
  3. Necktie                         shs. 150,000/=  (Boarders)
  4. Sweater                        shs.   120,000/=  (Day scholars)
  5. T-shirt
  6. Out of class shirt

7.   Out of class trouser

To avoid different shades and designs, the proper uniform will be obtained from school.

You will be required to buy a pair of black shoes for both boys and girls and a pair of white stockings (for girls only). The shoes have to be closed, simple and not high-heeled. In addition Muslim girls are supposed to wear white veils.

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