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HEADS OF DEPARTMENTS – 2023 1          Business/Entre/Commerce      –           Mr. Tebandeke Ismael            2.         Geography                              –           Ms. Namulemo Alice 3          History                                                –           Mr. Senkanja Richard 4          Physics                                               …

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I thank the Teachers. The foundation I got from Kasawo is what am still driving on.
Stephen Okhutu
Radio Presenter  - Dunamis Radio 103 fm
October 08, 2015
Today am one of the celebrated comedian in Africa because of Kasawo Secondary School. Thank you my teachers and my school clubs for making me. Let us go 1 Musoga, 1 Chapati (Tituli Basiru)
Kalele Daniel
Comedian  - One Musoga one Chapati
April 01, 2018
Thank you Mr. Yousuf Matovu, you shaped my Future
Ka Bugo
Foward, Winger  - Sports man
September 14, 2017