message from sanitary prefect 2019


School  students ‘leadership ’is very cardinal in high school. Not just to the school only but to the students leaders as well. Being a perfect allows you to have a good curriculum  because employers like seeing your experience as a leader. It allows you to create relationships with teachers , it gives  you more space to study , helps you to build on your confidence, public speaking ,skill on public management among others.

A person who works hard achieves very many goals in life .Being a stagnant place means you don’t move ,you have dirty manners ,you’ll not be taken anywhere in life. If you a lazy, laziness can make you lose everything you have and what you are going to get. Success being from the mind. Giving up your dream is like jumping off a train before reaching its final destination. Always work hard so that you may have a successful future.

Therefore set your goals and focus on them. That’s why, the more focused you are, the more successful you will be. It  is the decision that we make that creates the path we follow though our day life.


Your new life begins now, not next week, month and year but now

Said and written by   “the fountain of wisdom’ sanitary girls

Nakatugga Latifah, 6ARTS 2018-2019

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