NAMALEHA MELANIE BELLA, A senior one student who composed a very amazing poem as she compliments the mesmerizing glittering stars

Stars!                  Stars!          Stars!

You’re the twinkling lights in the sky

Of course like diamonds up high

In the dark night sky​

You weirdly change in color

In my tiny phone camera

Stars!              Stars!            Stars!

You’re so bright 

Wish I would make a flight

Into space to see you true light

But I think it’s just right 

To see you up in the sky above my height

Stars!            Stars!          Stars!

Some astronomers say you’re planets

But I think you’re really far from earth

And I wonder how I can see you from down here

And I still wonder how astronomers get to know about you

I wish to know about you too

Stars!          Stars!          Stars!

Just like the wise men did

I sometimes use you to find my way whenever I’m lost

You are very important to me

You make me relax when I look at you

You look creepy but supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and beautiful


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