The Head of Mission at the US Kampala Embassy advised Kasawo Students to stay united

US-Uganda Alumni Tree Planting Campaign
Kasawo Secondary School, Mukono District
Representatives of the Government of Uganda here present,
Members of the U.S-Uganda Exchange Program Alumni Association,
School Administrators and Teachers,
Ladies and gentlemen,
All protocols observed,

On behalf of the U.S. Mission and the Alumni Association, I want to thank all of the students, teachers, municipal and district leaders and U.S-Uganda exchange program alumni for coming to this special event. This afternoon we are cerebrating the successful completion of the U.S-Uganda Alumni tree planting campaign.

From my perspective, one of the best things about this project has been that alumni of U.S-Uganda exchange programs have come together for an important cause. Even better, it has the side benefit of creating a better environment for the students and their teachers of Kasawo Secondary and the surrounding area.

I think we all know that education is the foundation of economic development, a healthy community, and active participation in a democratic society. Education enables us all to grow and develop into successful people . It allows our children to explore their passions, be creative, and develop critical thinking skills. Education gives an individual hope and a belief that they can accomplish their dreams.

To build better education in Uganda, we work closely with the Ministry of Education and Sports on issues like teachers’ professional development, supporting Uganda’sthematic Curriculum, and supporting President Museveni’s initiative to communicate to youth on HIV/AIDS.

We do this because we believe that the students here at this school and those all across the country will be:

n the future doctors fighting HV and AIDS and Malaria.
n The future entrepreneurs and ambassadors.
n The future members of parliament, and perhaps even president.

Each year, more than 40,000 people from countries around the world have the opportunity to build a better and broader understanding of each other and the world through our exchange program.

The U.S-Uganda alumni has grown significantly over the years. This year alone, we have sent 80 Ugandans to the U.S on various exchange programs and five to programs in Nairobi and South Africa.

For all of you students- and some of you teachers- please stay in contact with the embassy, especially if you have interest in studying in the United States. The embassy has an EducationUSA Student Advising Centre waiting to take your questions and to offer her experience and skills. You are welcome to visit our student advisor anytime.

Let me again congratulate the alumni for the successful completion of their project and teachers and students of Kasawo Secondary school for being the recipients of this beautiful tree garden.

Thank you

Additional reporting by Stephen Okhutu

The tree planting campaign which was commissioned at Kasawo Secondary School involved the establishment of a 7 acre orchard (Fruit garden) at the school.This garden is expected to improve the school community in terms of fruit production at the school.

The team leader, US-Uganda exchange Alumni program, Senganda Jaffer said this is one of the projects to be carried out in Ugandan schools with a major aim of preserving the environment.

At Kasawo Secondary School, the project is managed by two writers clubs- Kasawo Mirrors Club and the Parrots Writers Club on behalf of the students.

During the event, students asked questions aimed at understanding how they can study and work in the states. The Cultural Affairs officer at the US Mission in Uganda, Shannon Dorsey welcomed Kasawo Students in her office regarding opportunities on how they can go to the States.

The Head teacher, Hajji Muzamir Mukwatampola noted that the school is regaining its past glory as one of the best Ugandan schools. He however expressed the need to establish a school twinning relationship with American high Schools as a means of restoring this glory. To this, the Ambassador pledged assistance.

Currently, Kasawo Secondary School is one of the few old schools in Uganda which are regaining their glory. This is evidenced by the better education performances in the National examinations and the large number of University admissions.

New structures are developing to replace the old dilapidated structures. A Modern Computer lab was established and a new science Laboratory is under construction

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